South Trail Hyundai
New build  – completed in 2016

This 46,000 square foot dealership sits on five acres and was the first new Hyundai facility under the new brand image program that included the use of 3 wave composite panels.

South Trail Chrysler
New build  – completed in 2016
This 100,000 square foot dealership was completed with all high-end finishes. It sits on 8-acres and includes a pre-cast parking structure within the building, rooftop parking for 160 vehicles, used car and Fiat dealerships, and a hair salon for guests.

Porsche Centre Calgary
New build – completed in 2017

This show-stopping, iconic dealership is 62,000 square feet on 3 acres and adheres to Porsche’s strict brand image program. This dealership’s unique layout includes a lower level detailing centre and vehicle showroom, both accessible via two elevators.

Country Hills Toyota
Earthworks and
installation of protective hail tents – completed in 2017
The dealership’s 3.6 acres of raw land was graded and 11 vehicle protection tents were completed, along with irrigation and landscaping to city requirements.

Mercedes-Benz Country Hills
New build – completed in 2017

This 95,000 square foot dealership is on 8 acres. Every element of the development meets the dynamic Mercedes-Benz brand program but landscape and flow were considered throughout the build to ensure this luxurious space performed.

Lexus of Royal Oak
New build – completed in 2014

Meeting and exceeding all of the brand’s unique image standards, Lexus of Royal Oak is a 45,000 square foot dealership on 3.5 acres. The full-service dealership is complete with unique features including a nail salon and a barista.

Airdrie Honda
Protective hail nets – completed in 2015

Developed on 52,000 square feet, we completed a series of retractable hail nets to protect up to 175 vehicles.